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GCT studios, who publish the “Bushido” skirmish game in a oriental/fantasy setting. I've made, and still make, a number of models for them, the sculpts for which you can see in my gallery.



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One of the oldest brands of French miniatures. You can find a wide selection of over 1000 models (well, there ought to be more than that, considering how long they've been around) in resin of various styles and scales, with new releases each month.

Mannikin Studios


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A line of miniatures for which I've made many models drawn from the world and artwork of Arthur Rackham. You can see the sculpts made in the gallery.

Buste Moine-Guerrier
Guerrier du Chaos
Puppet Master
The Dark Lord
Le guide
Élémentaire de la terre
The Dark Lord
Poupée de chiffons
Steampunk bust
Élémentaire de la terre
Halloween Doll
  • Pinning a model
    Pinning a model
  • Making sculpting tools
    Making sculpting tools
  • Mixing your paint properly
    Mixing your paint properly
  • Sculpting tentacle
    Sculpting tentacle
  • Making bases
    Making bases
  • Sculpting a door
    Sculpting a door
  • Making a photo studio
    Making a photo studio
  • Contouring a model
    Contouring a model
  • Halloween sculpting session
    Halloween sculpting session
  • Painting Ejhin of Vanth base
    Painting Ejhin of Vanth base
  • Protect references of your paints
    Protect references of your paints
  • Sculpting mushrooms
    Sculpting mushrooms
  • Undercoating a model
    Undercoating a model
  • Sculpting planks
    Sculpting planks
  • References for Sculpting
    References for Sculpting
  • Buffing Tools
    Buffing Tools