Cool mini or not ?

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A site on which many international artists post pictures of their models and where visitors can give a grade according to the model's quality. The best are alongside some much less good, but any miniature painter who wants to be taken seriously should be on there... and for the visiting sightseer, it's often a joy for the eyes. I've personally put a few pictures of my models online, so if you're up for it, head on over and vote for me!

Dragon Painting Forum

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An english forum, tons of fun and a great ambiance and super enthusiastic people! Don't hesitate to register and come share what you're up to!


3.2/5 rating (6 votes)

The site for the french miniature community, with lots of advice for beginners as well as for veterans. The perfect place to chat between fans of the hobby.

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  • Protect references of your paints
    Protect references of your paints
  • Sculpting planks
    Sculpting planks
  • Pinning a model
    Pinning a model
  • Mixing your paint properly
    Mixing your paint properly
  • Making bases
    Making bases
  • Undercoating a model
    Undercoating a model
  • Contouring a model
    Contouring a model
  • Sculpting a door
    Sculpting a door
  • Sculpting tentacle
    Sculpting tentacle
  • References for Sculpting
    References for Sculpting
  • Halloween sculpting session
    Halloween sculpting session
  • Making a photo studio
    Making a photo studio
  • Painting Ejhin of Vanth base
    Painting Ejhin of Vanth base
  • Making sculpting tools
    Making sculpting tools
  • Sculpting mushrooms
    Sculpting mushrooms
  • Buffing Tools
    Buffing Tools