Arti Folk

5.0/5 rating (1 votes)

An online store to stock up on inexpensive material, notably rubber brushes (clayshapers) and “Winsor & Newton Series 7” brushes. It's in England, but service is fast, serious, and inexpensive.


3.0/5 rating (2 votes)

A site offering many tools and accessories for modelling. Also offers the Sculpey line of products.

Metivier Modelisme

0.0/5 rating (0 votes)

A lot of rods,beams, and parts in wood, metal, and plastic. Fast and professional.


5.0/5 rating (2 votes)

The specialists in small-scale tools: files, drills, buffers, etc... they've got it all! Also a very good line of daylight bulbs, which are vital for pictures and for working in proper lighting conditions.


2.6/5 rating (5 votes)

The legendary maker of Green Stuff (Duro). Don't hesitate to order from them if you want real “fresh” Green Stuff!

Also available, a ton of other tools and material for sculpting and model-making, as well as many putties for sculpting. And on top of that, they're fast, professional, and very nice, which is always a plus.

Le guide
Le Cyclope
Colonel BÖYKHA
Vladar l’Arrogant
Mortan Necromagus
Manga girl
Paladin noir d'Acheron
Karnagh Drune
The Dark Lord
  • Sculpting planks
    Sculpting planks
  • Halloween sculpting session
    Halloween sculpting session
  • Sculpting a door
    Sculpting a door
  • Protect references of your paints
    Protect references of your paints
  • Making sculpting tools
    Making sculpting tools
  • Mixing your paint properly
    Mixing your paint properly
  • Undercoating a model
    Undercoating a model
  • Sculpting mushrooms
    Sculpting mushrooms
  • Sculpting tentacle
    Sculpting tentacle
  • Buffing Tools
    Buffing Tools
  • References for Sculpting
    References for Sculpting
  • Making bases
    Making bases
  • Painting Ejhin of Vanth base
    Painting Ejhin of Vanth base
  • Contouring a model
    Contouring a model
  • Making a photo studio
    Making a photo studio
  • Pinning a model
    Pinning a model