Sculpting tentacle

Sculpting tentacle

19 May 2015
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  • Here is a freestyle session on sculpting  tentacle.

    The original video made more than one hour, it is speed-up x2. Hope you like it,  interested you and you learn little tricks ... 2-3 And do not hesitate to share your achievements!

    Good viewing ....

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  • Sculpting planks
    Sculpting planks
  • Making sculpting tools
    Making sculpting tools
  • References for Sculpting
    References for Sculpting
  • Sculpting mushrooms
    Sculpting mushrooms
  • Making a photo studio
    Making a photo studio
  • Protect references of your paints
    Protect references of your paints
  • Undercoating a model
    Undercoating a model
  • Halloween sculpting session
    Halloween sculpting session
  • Making bases
    Making bases
  • Buffing Tools
    Buffing Tools
  • Sculpting tentacle
    Sculpting tentacle
  • Mixing your paint properly
    Mixing your paint properly
  • Painting Ejhin of Vanth base
    Painting Ejhin of Vanth base
  • Contouring a model
    Contouring a model
  • Sculpting a door
    Sculpting a door
  • Pinning a model
    Pinning a model