Mixing your paint properly

Mixing your paint properly

26 February 2007
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  • When paint is stored for long periods of time, pigments tend to settle at the bottom of the pot. When that happens, shaking well is essential to get a fluid and homogenous paint.

    After a while, it becomes kind of annoying to have to do that and the result isn't always good, meaning you have to start over again a number of times.

    Get diameter 5 stainless nuts (because they don't rust. Don't bother with the bolts to go with them). The cost should be about 3€ for 40 in all good DIY stores.


    Remove the eye-dropper tip from the paint pot (in this example, I use Vallejo/Prince August pots, but the trick works with all other pots too).

    If the tip is hard to remove, you can use a small pair of pliers to help (be careful not to crush the tip).


    Put a nut in the pot and place the tip back on.


    And there you go – it's all good, now you just have to shake a bit!

    The nut works as a shaker inside the pot and helps to mix the pigments/bonding agent.

    Now you're sure that your paint will be mixed properly!


    Tutorial translated by Eric HARLAUX

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