Protect references of your paints

Protect references of your paints

21 June 2014
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  • A little tip to protect the color reference of your paint pots in order to find them again easily as they get older.

    As with any fan, you probably own a large number of paint pots of various brands.



    But with time, the pots labels get damaged and the color reference of your paint pots has a chance of getting worn out. When your paint pot is near the end of its useful life, it even often becomes hard to remember the exact color reference.


    So here's a simple tip to apply which will allow you to keep your paints' reference intact For this trick, you'll just need a roll of tape.


    Cut a tape length of about 7-8 cm (depending on your pot's diameter).



    Then, simply roll the tape around your paint pot. Make sure that it goes slightly over the label on the plastic for it to hold better over time.



    You now only need to repeat this for all of your paint pots.



    Here you go - that's really easy... Now the color reference on your paint pots should hold for quite some time, and it'll be easier for you to find them if you're looking for a specific color.




    Tutorial translated by Eric HARLAUX

Lilly the Huntress
Lapin Crétin
Far'Aark the Ripper
Brigand de Cadwallon
Steampunk bust
Far'Aark the Ripper
Paladin noir d'Acheron
Aériade bleu
Le Boucher de Ka'Arin
Chasseur de sorcières
Dethax the Destroyer
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