Sculpting a door

Sculpting a door

24 December 2010
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  • I'd advise you to watch the “sculpting planks” tutorial before watching this one, in order to become familiar with a few techniques which won't be detailed in this tutorial. You can find the tutorial on planks here: Sculpting planks.

    Here's a short tutorial on how to make a door using Fimo or Super Sculpey putty in order to put some finishing touches on your scenery and bases.

    Good viewing...

    Available Subtitles - Sous-titres Disponibles

Lilly the Huntress
Lapin Crétin
Far'Aark the Ripper
Brigand de Cadwallon
Steampunk bust
Far'Aark the Ripper
Paladin noir d'Acheron
Aériade bleu
Le Boucher de Ka'Arin
Chasseur de sorcières
Dethax the Destroyer
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