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Making bases

Making bases
Wednesday, 09 June 2010
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    When you have a figure worth showing, it deserves a base of the same caliber. Here's a short tutorial to help you make bases for your models easily and simply.

    The bases in this tutorial are mainly aimed at gaming models, but the techniques used are the same as for more elaborate bases.

    Good viewing...

    Available Subtitles - Sous-titres Disponibles

As a complement to the video, here is the reference for the colours used in the tutorial. You can of course use your own references and test your own colour combinations.

There references are only given as an example. All paints are from the Prince August and Vallejo brands.


  1. Dark grey:Dark Bluegrey (Ref.: Prince August – 867)

  2. Medium grey: Cold Grey (Ref.: Prince August Games – G50) 

  3. White: White

Green grass:

  1. Dark green: Dark Green  (Ref.: Vallejo Game Color – 28) 

  2. Light green: Camouflage Green (Ref.: Prince August Games – G31)


  1. Dark brown: German C. Black Brown (Ref.: Prince August – 822)
  2. Medium brown: Iraqui Sand (Ref.: Prince August – 819)
  3. Light brown: Pale Sand (Ref.: Prince August – 837)

For the plants used at the end of the tutorial:

- For the grass, it's simply static grass which can be found in all good model shops.
- For the “dry” plant, it's something called "Zeechium". It's a dry plant which can also be found in model shops.

Here's what it looks like:


For the “green” plants, it's what seems to be called "Erica moss". Also found in model shops, but it seems harder to find.

Here's what it looks like:


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