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Who am I ?

Who am I ?


Allow me a minute to introduce myself... My name is David Ayral.  I was born in Geneva (Switzerland) in 1973, and now live in the Tarn area (I just can't stay in place!).

My original training is as a completely self-taught digital artist (school didn't want me...or was that the other way around...), but I decided some time ago to devote myself to what I'm really passionate about: miniatures!

My inspiration most often comes from heroic fantasy, science fiction, and roleplaying games, etc., which allow for rich themes whose only limits are the imagination...
These days, I spend most of my time painting and sculpting miniatures, and once in a while I get to do some digital art commission.

That's about it. Enjoy my site – see you soon...

David a.k.a Anakron

at work


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