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Amrah the Barbarian

Some have been waiting for it for many years, it is finally here !! Amrah the Barbarian is available on the store.
The pictures of the painting are in the gallery.

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Bon'Bekh & Black Friday

Finally! Bon'Bekh is available on the store ... To celebrate this and the Black Friday it's 25% off the entire store until Monday midnight, so take advantage!

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Columns kits

Two column kits are available on the store with two different texture styles, as well as a 3D version, combining the two styles, to download and print as you wish.

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Fantasy Column

To make you wait during this confinement period, I am making the STL file of the Columns available to you. Good printing...

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Wireframe - Part 2

Here is the live video of this morning (Despite the blocking of Facebook :-)), with the rest of the wireframe. Shaping the arms, applying liquid greenstuff (with a tip on how to make it) and applying the first layer of Fimo. Good viewing...

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