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Fantasy Column

To make you wait during this confinement period, I am making the STL file of the Columns available to you. Good printing...

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Wireframe - Part 2

Here is the live video of this morning (Despite the blocking of Facebook :-)), with the rest of the wireframe. Shaping the arms, applying liquid greenstuff (with a tip on how to make it) and applying the first layer of Fimo. Good viewing...

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Miniature wireframe

A small Facebook live video made this morning on the construction of a wireframe for 28mm miniature.
I made another more detailed and better filmed video on the subject, but I have to find the time to finish the editing and make the voice-over for the explanations.

But in the meantime this will allow you to wait during the confinement ;-) Good Viewing ...

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Temporary closure of the store ...

Because of COVID-19 and the confinement of France as well as the closure of post offices, I decided to close the store temporarily, until things get back to normal and not to put the employees of the post office in danger unnecessarily. You must have Stock of figurines to paint so take advantage ;-)

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Galerie 3D

As you may have noticed for some time, I started to sculpture and 3D printing. A new gallery is therefore appearing in order to present my sculpture and 3D printing works to you. To see the gallery it is here : 3D Gallery

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