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Here is a small gift made for friend Birthday.

He made 25mm at the top of the head and sculpted in Fimo.

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Gallery update

Here is a gallery update with the addition of some sculptures: A bust made for the Benoit BOEUF Artbook, a clown's head at 1: 6 for a small friendly challenge with my friend Sebastien HEB and a little bust of Zombie to have fun. Also added a painting made as a gift for a friend.

Many new are coming, so stay focus!

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New Website!

Here is the new website! After a long work of "relooking", more "taste of the day" and optimized for all media (Computers, Tablets & smartphones).

A new, more efficient and user-friendly blog system.

A new gallery totally "responsive" and many other things to come!

I hope you will like this new version and stay tuned ...

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