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A little base...

A small picture of the base of a painting project in progress, has been added to the WIP Gallery ... Stay tuned!

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Rocks & Mushrooms

Two accessories kits are added in the store: A rocks kit and a mushrooms kit.

They will add a touch of style to the bases of your figurines or your scenery. The small details always have their importance.

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Shaan'Yha the stealth is available on the shop! She was painted by Nicolas DÉZÉ - Little Demon Studio

The sculpture has also been added to the Gallery. She made 35mm and sculpted in Fimo. A lot of other news are coming soon on the shop, so stay tuned!


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Captain Ulrick

Here is a new sculpture added to the gallery: Captain Ulrick!

He made 35mm to the eyeline and he is sculpted in Fimo (As always ...). It should be available soon on the shop, so stay tuned!

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Here is a small gift made for friend Birthday.

He made 25mm at the top of the head and sculpted in Fimo.

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