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Bags kit and paints...

A kit of bags to decorate your scenerys is available on the store.

Also a small update of the gallery with two paints this time. The paint of the Mystic and a Urien Rakarth painted for the Black Eldar army of a Friend. Many more things to come ...
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A little painting on a Nurgling, really a treat to paint these little animals ....

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Mystic Sculpt

A sculpture added to the gallery: The Mystic.

Inspired by a concept of Paradis Sok for the video game based on the Confrontation universe. I had a crush on the concept, so I enjoyed myself :-)

It is 30mm and sculpted in FIMO, as always ...
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Captain Ulrick available

Captain Ulrick is available on the shop! The photos of the painting are visible in the Gallery ;-)
And do not forget: "The guard dies but does not surrender!"


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A little base...

A small picture of the base of a painting project in progress, has been added to the WIP Gallery ... Stay tuned!

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